Future performances will be added once confirmed on choir music lists or concert schedules which are sometimes published only a few weeks in advance.

* = premiere


Mar 30th (17.15) Wells Cathedral - Evensong. 'Deus, cui proprium est'. Wells Cathedral Voluntary Choir dir Michael Cockerham, organist Matthew Redman.

Apr  7th (17.00) St Thomas Episcopal Church, Battle Creek, Michigan - Evensong. 'Evening Canticles (Men's Voices) - St Thomas Service'.* The Gentlemen of the Choir dir and organist Dr Stephen White.

Apr 18th (10.00) Cathedral Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha, Nigeria - Holy Thursday Mass for the Archbishop of Onitsha, Nigeria. 'Kyrie* from Missa cantoribus viatoribus'. Archbishop Valerian Okeke Music Academy choir.

May 26th (9.45) Wells Cathedral - Sunday Eucharist. 'Missa brevis choro auxiliari Wellensi'. Wells Cathedral Voluntary Choir dir Michael Cockerham.

Jul 24th 'Nunc laudare debemus' published by Chichester Music Press.

Aug 4th (10.00) Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand - Sunday Eucharist. 'For the kingdom of God'*. The cathedral choir (men and boys) dir Dr John Linker.

Sep 4th 'O nata lux' published by Chichester Music Press.

Oct 6th (10.00) St Michael and All Angels Cathedral, Springfield, MA - Red Mass (civic service for the legal profession). 'O glorious Prince St Michael' US*. The cathedral choir (adults and boys) dir Lad Pfeifer.

Nov 10th (10.55) St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham, Exeter - Remembrance Sunday, Mass. 'For the fallen'. The church choir dir Natasha Goldsworth.

Nov 30th 'The Church is built upon the earthly stone' published by Chichester Music Press.

Dec 1st 'Lully, lullay' published by Chichester Music Press.

Dec 14th (19.30) Church of the Redeemer, Toronto - concert. 'Ave Maria'. Cantabile Chamber Singers.


A CD of my choral works by award winning Cantate (Budapest) is scheduled for release shortly by a well known and respected UK record label.

Jan 12th (11.00) St Michael and All Angels, Mt Dinham, Exeter - Mass. 'Guided by a shining star'*. The church choir dir Natasha Goldsworth, organist Dr Peter King.

Jan 17th 'Absalon fili mi' (full choir ed) published by Chichester Music Press.

Feb 23rd (10.00) St John the Baptist, Glastonbury - Eucharist to celebrate the re-opening of the church on completion of a major refurbishment project. 'In my Father's house'*. The church choir.

Feb 23rd (11.00) Wakefield Cathedral - Sunday Eucharist. 'O lux beatissima'. The Northern Cathedral Consort.

Apr 5th (tbc) Trinity Episcopal Church, Asheville, NC - Palm Sunday Celtic Service. 'Absalon fili mi'. Pastyme chamber choir.

Apr 25th (time tbc) St Cuthbert's Church, Wells - Northern Lights concert. 'Nunc laudare debemus'. The Swan Singers.

May 24th (15.00) St. Philip's Church, Charleston, SC - Concert as part of the 2020 Piccolo Spoleto Festival. 'Absalon fili mi'. The King's Counterpoint.

Aug 2nd (11.00) Winchester Cathedral - Sunday Eucharist. 'Missa cantoribus viatoribus'. Details tbc.


Aug (dates tbc) Canterbury Cathedral and Ely Cathedral. New works have been commissioned for The King's Counterpoint summer residencies.



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