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Chronological list of sacred choral works

Revised editions and other works awaiting first performance are indicated in italics. The dates refer to the year of composition or revision. Works marked 'awaiting performance' are 'spoken for' and are in the process of being scheduled. Links are provided for scores published by Chichester Music Press.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, 2010 revd as None of the rulers, 2023 (awaiting performance)
Jesu, the very thought of thee, 2010 revd 2017
For the fallen, 2010 (Chichester Music Press)
Evening Canticles - Charleston Service, 2010
Preces and Responses, 2013 revd 2015
Ave Maria, 2012
Audivi vocem, 2013 revd 2018
Beati qui custodiunt iudicium, 2013
O sacrum convivium, 2013 revd 2023
In memoriam: Ricardus Rex, 2013 simplified ed 2021
Jubilate Deo, 2013
Missa brevis choro auxiliari Wellensi, 2013 (Chichester Music Press)
God looks on nature, 2013
Justorum animae (full choir ed), 2014 revd 2017 (Chichester Music Press)
When you go home, 2014 revd 2022 (Chichester Music Press)
I will make all things new, 2014
O nata lux, 2014 (Chichester Music Press)
O God whose hand hath spread the sky (full choir ed), 2015
Sing out this Eastertide!, 2015
And I saw a new heaven, 2015
And God shall wipe away all tears, 2015
Absalon fili mi (full choir and upper voices editions), 2015 (Chichester Music Press)
O magnum mysterium, 2015 (Chichester Music Press)
Veneror adoroque, 2016
Psalm 69, 2016
Anima Christi, 2016 
For the kingdom of God, 2016
O salutaris Hostia, 2016 (awaiting performance)
Evening Canticles - U of E Service, 2016
The Church is built upon the earthly stone, 2017 (Chichester Music Press)
O lux beatissima, 2017
Justorum animae (upper voices ed), 2017 (Chichester Music Press)
Deus, cui proprium est, 2017
Missa cantoribus viatoribus - Canterbury Mass, 2017
Visit this place, O Lord, 2017
O tu suavissima (full choir and upper voices editions), 2017
Latin Canticles - Canterbury Service, 2018 [Nunc dimittis (
Chichester Music Press)]
Nunc laudare debemus, 2018 (Chichester Music Press)
Eternal rest, 2018
O glorious Prince St Michael, 2018
Caeli Deus sanctissima, 2018
Guided by a shining star, 2018
Lully, lullay, 2018 (Chichester Music Press)
Evening Canticles - St Thomas Service, 2019

In my Father's house, 2019

Christ Church Canticles, 2019 (awaiting performance)

Hear my prayer, O Lord, 2020

Resplenduit facies ejus, 2020 (Chichester Music Press)

O Lord, our Lord, 2021 (Chichester Music Press

The Beatitudes, 2021 (Chichester Music Press

Like as the hart, 2021 (awaiting performance) (Chichester Music Press)

Dulces et decorum, 2021

Preces and Responses (Set 2), 2021 (awaiting full performance) (Chichester Music Press)

The Call, 2022

Love is kind (upper voices ed), 2022

A Song of Hope, 2023
A Song of Love (Love is kind SATB ed), 2023
A Song of Joy, 2023


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